The about me..about face..

Five decades, and  a few days later, I find myself, at a pause, of “who am I? I am many dimensions of spirit. I am woman. I am more, I am less. I just am. The saying,” it is like peeling a onion”, simply doesn’t resonate with me. Onions are pungent and make you cry. They’re also  sweet and savory and when warmed up, they’re an experience. Well, hello, I maybe onion. My point being is. In defining myself their really is no standard set of answers. So my challenge, in this moment is who do I want to be? First and foremost, I am a child of the Creator. A warrior and a wimp. A girl on fire. I am a Elder, a lover of life and a grandmother, mother, wife, sister. The about face, the 180 has evolved into a 360. Exactly where I want to be. Ready, set, go. Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines.