Twas the Knight before~

As the story goes, tis the season and this writer has had her Grinch on, not entirely, I have tried to muddle through for the sake of sanity and yet, my focus has been on, well and let’s make that a long drawn out well……ME!  I have had a case of, Field of Dreams. My favorite part of the movie, when Ray says to Shoeless Joe, ” I did it all, I listened to the voices, I did what they told me and not once did I ask, what’s in it for me?” Shoeless Joe replies, “What are you saying Ray?  Ray replies, ” I’m saying, what’s in it for me?”  I would have to say that is exactly where I have been. As I soaked in a bubble bath tonight and deep conditioned my hair and the lovely fragrance of vanilla and caramel filled the air. The heavenly scent of clean scrubbed my mind, I was set free from the me, again. Serenity came swift in five candles and a lightness entered my soul. Simplicity has always been my friend. I forget from time to time and search beyond my scope of understanding and dwell in the grandiose. I could give you a wish list of reasons for my shortcomings, the whole idea of shortcomings sometimes boggles my mind, they are far from short, they reach far and wide if I allow myself to play to long in the shell of self. There I be, listening to long, looking to long and gasp. making eye contact. With me, mind you, all me. So I am breathing in and out. The glint in my eye has returned and I feel like I must be smiling from the inside, because my insides are feeling like I may see Santa. It’s that childlike energy that you get and it pulls you out of the madness of the mind. So Buzz and I , who has played a great role of Max, these few Grinch weeks has snuggled down for a sweet slumber, hope has again been unmasked and well we all know the gig, Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Knight.