Recently I had an injury at the workplace, a simple step or turn in the wrong direction and then I was in a place of discontent… It made me think how much I seemingly take for granted those movements that I use so freely.  Walking to be precise. 

So I limp a long aware of the Jury within my mind. Taking judgement of the facts of my predicament. Looking at my swollen leg and ego, making the decision to convict myself to confinement.  Hearing the things we or more categorically I say as I age.  Ice pack on, Ice pack off.  My own Kiki-rat’e kid manifesting.  Nothing to do but wait and rest. I consider myself a patience person, just not with myself. The realization of my sequestered being. The playlist of my mind as I imagine myself doing actions that in this occasion seem massive. I’m not even at that place of acceptance that I chime to others – Everything happens for a reason. The rationale of all that exists.

As the defense and prosecution debate the decision of the liabilities within my mind. The closing arguments seem more like an opening statement of charges of Karmic actions. As long as I believe I cause injury to myself  or others I can only surmise. The truth is this. I was just injured, no wrongdoing, no injustice and the only opposition is me. 

I’m throwing out the charges. Case closed.