Un-harden my heart~

All of a sudden it’s taken on a whole different slant…

Some say I lead a bit to the left unless I’m right.

I believe I’m closer to the middle amongst the herd and then I ponder as I ease back into the protection of my core beliefs.

Through the mist…comes a clearing and as I look ahead I see a familiar face calling to me and motioning me forward.

I only can see the eyes and in my culture the eyes say everything, all emotions, all truth.

The closer I get I call out.. Dad what shall I do? Just hug me and tell me. He acknowledges me with a head shake, a smile and struts off into the realm of love that he has always resided in.

So you’re not going to give me the answer, I shout. I stand still. Deciding not to chase after him. The giant soul with a similar heart. He is a boy again and I rejoice in his pain free existence and knowing.
His secret, my discovery.

I look further and there she is- Mother. I feel her as if she never left and she explains she never did. We laugh and I want to stay with her forever. She propels me to go further, I want to resist. Her small frame fills the space and I have no choice but to go forward. She always nudged me, the wisdom of an eternal sage.

It’s not what they didn’t say. It’s the heart that holds onto their love and beats a rhythm of the realm of which I extend my arms to.

To deny the love I have for where I stand and stay would inhibit the trail I’m led to..winding down and over into, across and immersed with. I rise. Knowing it’s going to be hard and it usually is with me.
I get that it is why I am so determined to be at ease with it.

The body has a different rhythm. It’s requesting firmly like my mother’s nudge. Stop the struggle, yet take up the action. You have much to do.

The heart wants what the heart wants…To beat with a love that see’s beyond the realms and peacefully exists here, soft to exposure.

I’m letting go of the hard line and residing in the heart line.. One beat at a time…


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