Gratitude-tional Pull~

As the push and pull of life evolves within the atmosphere I feel my own pull towards others rotating around me. My earth-bound clan of charismatic travelers.

As of late I’m in this gyration of genes orbiting in and out of my soul-er system. These fellow clan members have not only influenced they also have infiltrated my space.

The expanse which exists within my vessel, a planetary inclusion. A meet-your meteor. The cool-oquially shooting stars of my life. The visual passage of experiences has illuminated all that I see and literally what I chose not to look at.

Our revelation we hide nothing. We bare everything. We tumble and glide through each other’s space. Formidable legal Aliens and allies. We are… we share… we love.

Sometimes we disagree. We challenge our community of connection and our hearts realign and we pull together.

Upon leaving my space station and heading into orbit an old familiar galaxy- one of bloodlines and bold love as moments passed by. I float and find what once I connected to as home- isn’t.

While I was circling and catapulting that fourth dimension of existence I was putting down roots and surrounded by stars of soul and soil.

The planets align and the gravitational force of freedom beckons me back to the Northern sky. So it’s true… home is… where the heart is.