Unbalanced to balance.

The beginning of every day starts with a concession of allowing yesterday’s lingering thoughts to carry over into today’s gift.

It’s that whole teeter-thoughter entering my realm of reality. I’ve coined the phrase. I created it, so why not? It accompanies me through my mind-field..step, step… boom.

Today’s awareness, What you have seen in meditation books- It gives you a thought for the day and then tells you what you’re aware of. I call it believe-washing. It’s like a Zombie Peter Pan. The need to feed in the believing brain. I believe…I believe. A pattern of purpose.

I know for me I use to wonder, what’s that? Only to find it’s a feeling tied to an emotion topped with a scoop of sarcasm and washed down with a gulp of terror.

As minutes roll into hours and then days into weeks. etc…I find myself no longer having the decision made for me on what my awarenesses will be or who will decide how I will feel. So enters the calm. No storm necessary to follow.

I am the cultivator of my own awareness. Calm is a condition of peace. I am learning and becoming poised rather than possessed. Often I come up with a theory that it’s a long time coming. When really, it’s exactly on time. A second sooner and it may have whirled on by.