In the outbox~

I often wonder can I get out of the deception receptacle? As I was clearing my e-mail I glanced at the categories of storage. Junk, trash, sent, inbox… It all ends up in the trash, well unless I save them to my hard drive.

Can I use my mind to do the same? Or is it true? Do I hold on because I’m getting something out of it? Why is it that I never completely have the answer to why it doesn’t go into the trash.

Living in the moment or living in the memory~ I can tell you this about me, or based on my writings you may be aware of it. I continue to cling to the notion of making moments monuments, It’s suffocating, yet safe.

Well- there it is! Why I glorify the gore. Gore-fy… I’m my own Trekkie. I am a Sigh-phi mind. I angle it and then I sigh… Why?

I want to tell you I’m done with the angst, parts of me are. I just need to run it through one more time, then there will be freedom. I have to remember I create the conflict. It’s not about re-solving it- It’s about having the courage to let go. Because it doesn’t define me anymore.

With that I just need to take out the trash and remember not to dumpster drive.