The Dark Knight rises

It’s a hot one out there. As I decided to soak in the tub, my cell rings, the soothing sounds of  flute music and I know it’s him. I dry my  hands and say hello to my caped crusader. The father of my children, the Papa of Kit and Dano.  I wonder where the road has taken my weary traveler. It has been weeks since I seen his face and we all miss him so. He is cheerful and his deep voice is so calming. “I am here for a few hours, we could have lunch before I leave.”  All emotions sweep through me, joy, love and sadness, the top three.  As Kit and I quickly get ready we are trying to prepare ourselves for the short hello and yet another long goodbye.  Easy for me, I think, not so easy for the Grand-Kit.  As we pull up and see all the big trucks in line and we both scan across the massive lot, of rumbling engines and clouds of smoke,  there he is gliding through it with a slow shift and a dazzling smile in a Batman shirt, dark jeans and boots. His black hair glistening, his skin sun-kissed and beautiful.  I motion to Kit, there he is.  She runs to her  Super-hero and leaps into his arms, a long hug has them in their own world. Sometimes being the spectator is enough and I give them to their hello’s.  It is when I know, I am free from the me that I am in the presence of the creator. We are told, he can’t stay and I know how hard this moment is for him just as it is for Kit and myself. I will not minimize these feelings with the thought of, this is nothing compared to. So as quickly as we said hello, we say goodbye and like a scene out of some old movie, a long embrace, a sweet tear-stained kiss, a smile and the unmasked hope of a long reunion.


6 thoughts on “The Dark Knight rises

  1. Nora says:

    I love to read your writing! Whenever I read something I try to find a “take-away”, something that stays with me…something that has a little more meaning in my life. In this piece of writing my take-away is when you said “sometimes being the spectator is enough…” I think that parents & grandparents will especially understand this sentence. Also, being a military spouse with children, I have been the spectator numerous times when my husband came home from deployment and my children got the first hugs :). I’m excited to read more from you, Kelly!

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