Starry, starry Knight ~

You never know where you will draw inspiration, in my case I know just how fortunate I am. My galaxy is filled with endless shining stars. I can honestly look around me and know that I am in the midst of a divine appointment, an invitation I will not squander. I can easily dismiss meteors of the past and certainly I have known an asteroid or two. I know, I too, have been an indestructible force in the lives of some.  A comet, hurling towards an uncertain destiny. If, and I shall hold to my belief, that regardless the situation, the alleged injustice. I am not a victim. Simply, I choose not to be.  So much joy has replaced pain, so much love has diminished hate. The noise, that once filled my head with endless chatter has been calmed and in its place, a resurrection. the birth of peace of mind. I just know, without an ounce of doubt.  I am the author of my own story.   As I glide through the Universe,  I am present,  I am at one with the sun, the moon, the Absolute.  I am the starry, starry Knight.


6 thoughts on “Starry, starry Knight ~

  1. Benita says:

    “the birth of peace of mind”… I love this. You are gifted. Love you. Don’t stop writing, I want to keep reading! xoxo

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