Mirror, mirror

Illumination is wonderful. I remember the first time hearing the words, looking within. I was mortified. It was Kimberly, again making the shift, transforming.  In those weeks leading up to my own reflection, a grass-roots movement was in the midst. The emergence of a pathway to peace, granted, turmoil would have to come first. I can only compare it to when you gaze into the looking-glass and come across your first wrinkle, Botox and Restylane  can fill the outside. The inside?  A grizzly protecting her cub. “I am to do what?”  In all honesty, it was music to my ears, although I behaved as if it were nails being dragged across the chalkboard. Prior to this endeavor, I assumed I was skipping through life.  Rainbows and unicorns, with a dash of quick wit. How denial, that treacherous beast lies in wait. A true villain if ever there was one. It, by its formal name, sarcasm , defined as an ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain. Well, Ouch!!  There it was, Merriam-Webster messing with my mojo.  Killer’s of cruelty. Creators of kindness. Suddenly you’re never the same. Looking, becomes a journey. A Clint Eastwood saga, The good, the bad, the ugly.  You can try to brace yourself for the next sharp turn and hope the seat belt is secure, so you don’t fall out. Sometimes you do. You face it and move forward. Grace is like that. I, at times revisit my sharp-tongued defect and toss it around like I have the ability to reign over it. I don’t. That is when, I am humbled by the love of the one, I have always sought. There she is, listening, with an open ear and unconditional loving tone, a lighthearted laugh like our mother possessed. Her words, pleasing to my ears, “No, stop, we can’t afford to go there.” Like she was apart of my shenanigans, so not to shame me. Only my little sister does that. So with mercy I retreat and leave her with an I love you. My reflection restored and the mirror no longer has two faces.


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