Chain, Chain, Change~


The reinvention of self. Often I can be caught in a paradigm. I’m all for evolving but I’d rather it was on my terms- it usually never is.

I’m trying to recall in the midst of this sequence what was the catalyst of this chain reaction? The succession of links. What was once the promise of security and tied together in promise has dissolved into a shackle of strings no longer melded into one conjoined clump. No longer connected.

You see the train derailing… driven by a collision of many objects laying on the tracks. In this existing stage the wreckage is my heart. My self worth and confidence open to be rummaged through.

Each stage, another departure, another rupture, and knowing, clearly knowing, a breakthrough will come. It always has, therefore it always will. As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. What if? Perhaps, I am both student and teacher. That I can be, wait…. I am the captain of my own ship, I steer my own course, even from the backseat. Regardless of placement.

I move forward, or backward, even sideways. My point is this… what comes out of the ash, what rises from self-destruction is self-expression giving way to self-acceptance. The relation and bond of heart and hope, coupled together as one.

Links of love. Hoists of connection.