A tête-à-tête on the Mount~

The egads and the attitudes, I have lived to express my anger and surprise. An affirmation of my opinion. Who will have the last word? The adjustment of attitude had not presented itself yet. I had often begat an idea of discourse, really I have looked and delved into why I would want to father such expression of myself.  The belief of it is not who I am, it is what I do, can not possibly ring true. I have to step outside that notion, for my actions show me, the reality of my footprints. The smudged fingerprints on the hurt feelings of my fellows. What rings in my head is the saying, “We just aren’t that good at being, that bad.” How those few words have spun a golden thread out of straw.  A beginning of Beatitudes. A lifting of the veil of secrecy. I have set course on a trek of tiny steps, long strides, skips in motion and a full on run into leaps of love. Was it easy? Nope.. Was it worth it? Yeah.. To abandon myself from habits of escape has been a birth of belief in Spirit. A promise of hope.  A beloved transformation of soul-searching. I am far from finished, but all paths are open for exploration. Will I trip, probably, missteps are inevitable for me.  It has been a pre-requisite for the course study, in the salvation of Kiki.  The persecution from my own thoughts leading into  “The law of life.”  The great fact is this, “If you could only love enough, you could be the most powerful person in the world.” A sermon of  service.  My affirmation of resurrection. Thee attitude of love.