The second coming of Kiki~

Winds of change, those moments of letting go, endless years of holding on and the hopeful remnants of days past. I often find myself gazing into a memory. A bittersweet reminder of an idea that had a foundation built-in sand. A structure of necessity. It was a partnership of pain, we both carried. A theatrical act of childish participants. One, I  now realize, we both acted out in. Both cast in the role of hero and hobo. The hero in us wanting to perform an outstanding gesture that heals the other. The hobo, our true selves at the time, trying to find a home within a vacant vessel. I have continually taken responsibility for my actions in this drama, in truth. I was holding on to be absolved. A penance of purity. How I love being cast as an innocent, and equally the villain. Just give me the role and I will give you a “Tony” worthy performance.  Such grandiose histrionics. The embarrassment of ego. The catalyst, a shared moment of social media, an exchanged joy between God’s kids. The seed was planted.  I stood beneath the bustle of blowing brush and in its glory came freedom of flight. I heard it tell me, ” I will take it with me, if you let me”  Suddenly the struggle was no longer my burden, The release was a catharsis of true love from the creator. Out in the wind in the presence of nature, I kneeled in gratitude and let go.


8 thoughts on “The second coming of Kiki~

  1. Nora says:

    Wow, the hero and the hobo! I can find myself in both, but one sooo much more than the other, unfortunately… ah, those most important of words, “if you let me”…i will free you, but only if you let me…makes me look at things differently. So cathartic, thanks for sharing, hero!

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