When Sally, met Harry~

My Life lessons on the relationship with words, men, women and the classic man versus woman.  Less is more, surrender to win, first things first and my all time favorite, keep it simple, sweetness!  Actually when I was given that acronym, K-I-S-S, it was keep it simple, stupid. Now. Who wants to hear that? My sister, Kimberly, (a perfect Sally) use to say, “That’s just ignorance”  She would go on to explain that ignorance is not stupidity, it is, lacking knowledge of something specified. I always learn something with Kimberly. Now, in a conversation with Harry.  It’s along the lines of contempt prior to investigation. For example, I won’t try certain things, so I make the remark, I don’t like it. Which is almost always met with “Don’t knock it if you’ve never tried it.” Oh yes, that is going to change my mind, instantly. I balked at the idea of compromise. Without pretense, I am nothing, if not sincere. I had a bit of an edge with Harry’s and sometimes still.  I recall listening to an acquaintance.  She was talking about a conversation with her Harry, he referred to her as one-dimensional. It was rather a mis-step on his part. Bad cha-cha, no tango for him. She was a clever Sally, educated, a teacher. She played this card game with the Harry’s. She would walk like a little girl and suck on her finger. The Harry’s were helpless. So in front of us all, she called him out, in a coyish way. She proclaimed, “I wish, I had an edge” Then went on to repeat her conversation, quite cleverly, not mentioning Harry. I glance in Harry’s direction, he is clueless, or worse (Gasp) could care less. My turn to speak, I knew, what I was about to say. Now, let’s be clear, coquettish, I am not. If I sucked my thumb, I’d just look like Baby Huey. Plus playing small has never been my thing. I am tall, blonde, snap, crackle, pop. (Again, thank you Kimberly) But Harry needed to be blasted. It’s what Sally’s need to do. “The sisterhood of Sally’s”  was at stake. I, though played it another way, for you must have the other Harry’s on board as well. A Sharon Stone move, with panty. No real ice pick. Just to hurt his feelings a bit. Make him whimper. He asked for it. I say to her, “Oh darling, you don’t want an edge, I have an edge. Their rough and jagged and you can cut yourself on it. You spend your life trying to smooth it out or trying to jump off of it. Be you, stay you, trust you” Then I gently pass the baton to a Harry. Giving her the edge of empathy, crushing her Harry’s fragile ego. The dance of duality.  Two parts of a whole. Gratefully, time gently marches on for all the Harry’s and us Sally’s. You learn, you grow and you love.  There is never mediocre love, love is love. Whether, it’s Sally or Harry. It is human to human, soul to soul,  when given encouragement and understanding the introduction of a lifetime.


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