The eternal why?

Pillow talk, that intimate exploration between us humans. In our home, pillow talk is not just a man and woman. It is a parent and child. A grandchild and grandparent and a magical pup and his pets, for he is the true master.  Our common ground, our bed. It is reminiscent of the marriage bed. A union of all. Ultimately we all gather there.  Priceless instruction. If you ask those close to me, I have this fire in my belly, unlike heartburn it is as if, I was an ask-hole.  I persistently have a burning desire to ask the question. My need to know. You ask a question, I need to know with a question. Why?  My sister compares it to a scene out of the movie Pillow talk. Tony Randall is having a conversation with Rock Hudson. He is trying to convince him of the union of marriage. To each point, the counter point of why?  Tony Randall eventually gives up and states, “Well, if you want to, you can find tricky arguments against anything.”  I am sure it is a deeper why? For me, it is really about checking out of intimacy. I truly have found it to be a reliable form of communication. When the spoken word is necessary. The wonderful ability of knowing who you are and the realization of making the change. I share a bulk of knowledge on the subject of looking within. I know, no greater source of inspiration than seeing myself for who I am. It use to be the bogeyman. The dark entryway to the unknown. I know of nothing worse than not knowing me, not accepting me, for me. I recall, having a tete-a-tete with myself, I was as insightful as all get out. What does that really mean? See I form a question. I just have to laugh. Back to my point.  I was so afraid to look. What would I find? I heard myself say, “It is not what they see, that will transform you to love. It is those moments we see ourselves within our soul. For beauty lies in the beholder.” Then I knew, I behold my soul, I answer my own question within. Simply, intimately, like laying my head on a perfectly plump, cool pillow,  suddenly the why is the definitive reason. The discussions of a lifetime, the spiritual flow of conversation born in knowing exactly where I rest my head. Pass the pillow and let’s talk.


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