The Dawn of Inception~

I find myself at a beginning in the middle of my life. When I was young, I was defiantly Kelly. Simply Courageous. Fearless in Nature. I truly knew, believed and breathed my birthright. I am not certain when it changed. I just knew it had. More importantly, I find myself in a tête-à-tête with destiny and I hear myself.  The great regret would be not to listen.  Truly it is my path, no one else, can walk it for me. For a portion of my life I howled at the moon. The louder, the better. I screamed to be heard. In many ways, that child has remained intact.  No regrets. Just an introduction of self. This one, my greatest, for it will be without attachment.  I will rely on one source and I believe. Being alert in my truth, how that sounds like such a huge undertaking and yet willingness has landed in my lap.  The graduation of my success. Defined by me, a true liberation, again a spiritual dance and the music, the heartbeat of mother earth, the drum of continuity and a flute that sings like the sweetest bird. I rejoice and embrace my choice, for I have always proclaimed, “the choices we make, dictate the life that we lead.”  When the heart speaks, the extraction of self-doubt has commenced. Life has new meaning and as sure as every story has an ending. A beginning appears on the horizon. On your mark, get set, go! 


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