Meditation, my spiritual prescription of medicating. It is always a magical elixir for my soul. Abundance is abundance, is abundance.   “Every decision you make today is a choice between a grievance and a miracle”  Davidji . I am aware every great thought and intention has come to me in those moments of silence, the inhale and exhale of spirit. The primordial ooze of connection. It is where I conceptualize my existence. This boundless link of love. Recently my past was doing a leap-frog into my present. A lifeline of muck, released into a new freedom. It’s like when you go to the beach and you stand in front of that vast ocean bringing in sand, taking it out, lapping and caressing the shoreline. Both needing the other. Some grains remain, but the ocean will always reach back for it and the sand will be willing to embrace it.  What a love story. I just have to remind myself with everything there is that knowing. If it was possible then, it is possible now. So the choice, the decision the breath of the Universe, the essential state of unlimited love. Is just to be free of the hold of regret, free of anything that keeps me separate  from the circle of community.  Meditation was once described to me as an expression of prayer, In prayer we speak, in meditation we listen. This is what I know, when I wholeheartedly give myself over to the practice of being one with the absolute, I am in the realm of spirit. The place where the substance of stuff, become the substance of soul. The breath of life, the cradle of completeness.


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