Bare Skin~

Baring my soul has become a personal evolution. Exposed to the reality of my thoughts. Discarding old beliefs, once living with the identity of a masquerade. A desperate attempt of  wanting to be anyone but who I was. As I grow into my truth and unravel my will of want. Clinging to the hope of acceptance. Recently, it came full force like an asteroid. A destruction of the deep tissue that holds my heart. A promise was made and like a bright-eyed child, I believed. I threw myself into the words spoken.  It was everything I ever wanted to hear and I felt each word like one takes in oxygen. With each inhale it filled every empty spot within my soul. It touched me so subtly, I was enveloped in promise. All the while secretly uneasy of the sweet taste of hope. Treachery is like that. There are moments in my writing, I collapse at the notion, am I really here again. This rewind of mind. It is in those words, I get, I am right where I am supposed to be. There is no huge hurdle to leap, no deep ocean to swim and certainly no trail so rocky, that, I can’t slowly wade or walk out of. Fear is irrelevant. Life has challenges and it also has this range of beauty that I have found to illuminate my soul. I am so perfectly human, I have yet to determine a remedy for my feelings. The exposure of soul, my enlightened place of the one on one. My aim, occasionally gets met with mockery. I naturally feel bruised. It’s just this, I continue to be naked to reality. I have a desire to enrich my thoughts with love and to pour that goodness all over the people I meet. Not to be phony, to be who I believe I am intended to be. For my coat of armor has miraculously fallen to the floor and crashed its last clang of doom. Yes, my cloak of skin,  free of all barriers and exposed to the touch of sunlight, moonlight and starlight. Even more relevant for me, the vulnerability of trust. Sunscreen not required.


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