Abyss or Bliss~

The weather is fabulous, I had a wonderful outdoor workout and experienced the divine. I also wore a smaller pair of workout pants and they were very comfortable. Does that matter, not really in the scheme of things. What matters is how strong I am each day. I guess, one can say, well, you brought it up? I certainly did.  I feel so happy, I’m aware a lot has to do with acceptance.  I often share about forgiveness.  I, easily put myself in the mindset of:  If only you. The you!  Is always me.  Sometimes, I dress myself up so it appears to be you. It always comes back to me. The difference recently is this.. I have forgiven myself of the resentment of my humanity. My flawed etchings of ideals. Where I should be, where I’m going, where I feared to be. I have let it go. Huge leap. I jumped. I landed, I felt the foundation, both firm and soft. A gleeful embrace of depth, comparable only to the sea.  It is the eternal workout of Spirit. Once bogged down in an Abyss of thoughts of wrongdoing, a bottomless pit of chaos.  As I exercise my right, to a mind full of freedom. The beauty of bliss is this, it presents itself in the most subtle form of opportunity. A dove playing in the plant outside my front door, making a mess of the soil and then instead of fleeing in full flight it hopped down each rung of the stairway, with an exuberance of depth and determination. I was in complete awe. I, followed suit descending to infinite sheer joy. Consciously knowing, as always it took exactly what was required to get to this place of perfected prosperity.  Ablyssful reality. 


4 thoughts on “Abyss or Bliss~

  1. Jennifer says:

    The beauty of bliss is this, it presents itself in the most subtle form of opportunity
    Beautifully said Kiki…

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