Conviction or Conniption~

Several years ago I was told there will be occasions when you hear or read something that stirs a conviction in you, and you will have no choice except to respond.

That being said, I have another definition for doing that- convoluted.  Today, I read a post so vile to my senses, I found myself convicted and on the verge of conniption.

I decided, it’s time to say something. It’s the whole ” put up or shut up” idiom.  It’s quite illuminating because I will interject my opinion when it comes to family… I guess because I am safe with them.  When I find myself shielded from repercussion, I state my conjecture upon you. I believe it is along the wave length that we often treat our friends better than our family.

I know I can be guilty of this- what constitutes a specific response in my soul is whenever I see or read something cruel.  It’s interesting to me, my youngest daughter pointed out to me the difference between mean and cruel. It was a moment of clarity and I found myself so clearly in the moment with her awareness of truth, I had to pause and contemplate my own version of that truth.  I have clearly been mean-spirited at times in my life, many times, if I am honest.  I convince myself it’s witty.  It is too, unless you happen to be on the receiving end of my wits-dom.  The more that I look within my contours and concealing nature, there lies the conundrum. I become stirred to react when I see or read in this case components of me in others, I can take whatever I feel in the present and offset it into a concise read into character.  That is where I see my own humanity and that of my fellows.  I have moments of linger and I wonder if my connection with self has overlapped my connect with you.  What I do know in this concentric Universe is this.. I am not here to confiscate your opinion, I am here to consciously contribute. Conviction closed and conniption free..


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