Parallels of Peril~

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I’d sugar coat a cobra. It’s my fang.

As I take out the trash, lifting it up I noticed something on my arm, I am forming a bicep. So on the side of the hacienda I did a pose down. A shadow dance with the sun and my new form. I’m clear, I’m getting stronger.

I have been given many gifts over the years. In this moment I am blessed to remember, “Everything is none of my business.” and gossip is truly a spiritual defect to my soul. When I judge you, I have put myself in the position of perfection however, what I know is I have become skilled in progress. I know that.

Many days I fall short of the leaps I take toward balance. Today I missed puddles of skimmed surface chatter and was mindful of my thoughts, ever mindful that it was tête-à-tête between my own Sylvester Sneekly and Fair Maiden, Kiki.

The only risk I take is allowing others to see me as human as possible. Prior to finding my truth I would have considered my exposure of self a grave consequence. Feelings are often met with fear with most people I encounter. My desire is that with the veil lifted, our tête-à-tête will be no longer the masking tape of secrets, instead the unmasking of hope.

A design of mind, not a chorus of ominous music played out as I’m tied to the railroad tracks of life. The only one galloping in to save me is the balance of truth.


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