The Ultimate Buzz~


Sharing life with the soulful~Buzz, I have learned so much, to throw myself into love, to lay down and nap when I feel the need. To play in a moments notice. It is so funny to me how my life has become an embrace of puppy culture and my own. Buzz is my Indian dog, or Native dog, if I choose to be politically correct. Although he is a Maltese mix, “he is more snips and snails and puppy dog tails.” Buzz can do “Hips don’t lie” like he is Shakira. The dance of:  You’re home!  You are the love of my life! Where have you been? When you simply went into the next room. I know that kind of love may alarm some. For me, I want to love the world like that. To see everyone as he does his family.  He has taught me to receive my inner puppy. That ability to give it all and not hold back. The miracle in this bond is I am allergic to pet hair, I become covered in welts, I itch, I turn red, my breathing becomes labored. All that changed days after we met. He was being trained by my daughter and I was only concerned with how I was affected by his presence in our lives. The Ultimate I. Buzz E., middle name Elvis, he is from Las Vegas after all. Found on the streets of the North side and brought to the Hospital my daughter administers. No name, no chip, matted, scared and sweet. We became connected by heartstrings tied in a double knot and he has become my Master Shifu, I, his Kung Fu Panda. Everything I have learned about love these past two years has been molded by this four~pawed wonder and because of him I crave a different kind of Buzz…


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