The Tell~Kell Heart~

The flow of love, the eternal heartbeat of my vessel. I am on this course with destiny. The truth of my existence, the purpose of my participation in the human race.  Worth the thought and furthermore action. The feeling of life, “catching the buzz” has always been a need for me. The heartbeat of connection. Cupid must be my homeboy. I have come to this place within, that understanding love is not necessary, I just love. I need to feel it, experience it, grow from it.  The facts are not important to me any longer. Unrequited love. It is an impossible experience, because loving always has a huge return. It’s own reward. The levels of heart to heart exchange happen daily for me. In written form, in physical, emotional. mental and Spiritual. In my opinion the greatest form of all. Now romantic love, that is entirely different, based on expectation. I go into this promise with myself  that knowing, ” The heart wants, what the heart wants.” That longing of a human connection of fairy tale and reality. The perception of pleasure that last into a “Happily ever after”  I can get caught up in that feeling just writing about it.  I had to spend a week in the coronary care unit to recover from a car accident. My chest had hit the steering wheel and my seat belt added more pressure as a result of impact. It was one of those accidents that you realize just how the term,” seconds and inches”, mean everything. I would love to tell you, it was in that moment I awakened with the purpose of loving. Not my revelation. It is true though, I was in a state of grace for a period of time. Then as life took over, so did I. My devotion to loving is quite different in this place of time. Genuinely heartfelt, I am cloaked in this magical dipping sauce of “I love you, regardless. Now, liking still has its challenges, another blog, another time. For now though from heartbeat to heartbeat to skip and catch up, my heart fills with the feeling of loving you is it’s mission and loving myself, is it’s only requirement. 


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