Mind over Scatter~

 Thoughts the most powerful definition of mind control. I use to believe thinking was trouble . In reality, my actions were the source of my path to discovery. I have this friend , she use say, there is no right or wrong, there just is. It certainly is a hard concept to embrace. I accept it today. The Universe hears your intention. The thought of that, is mind-blowing. Therefore keeping my head clean has its challenge. Me! Only me. Not anyone else. Powerful indeed. I tend to embrace , what I like to call, the deliberation detective. The thinking too much, the searching for hidden thought clues. A grown up version of blues clues. Not as cute, although quite child-like. The clues are as simple as, What does that mean? You look beautiful today! What? Was I not beautiful yesterday? I love you! Well, that’s not a good example. cause that just makes me thought, less. The need for a quiet head is essential for me as breathing. The scatter sucks me in as quickly as a Dyson. The whirl, the spin and the sprout of endless thought seeds. Which gives way to suspect, disbelief and distrust in myself. Which in the relationship of I, always places blame within. Worse yet, looks as if I am placing blame on others and that only leads to here it comes, drum roll. cymbals crashing. Victim. ewww, yuck. It is, what it is. Now, on to the hope. It really is what it is, when you are willing to look at it and change your thought pattern with meditation, for me the only form of freedom that works. The time spent saves my soul and the backlash of toe stomping hoards. Dramatic effect.  So back to the ohm of it all and a little bit of Namaste’ in my life.  My inner and outer Polly Anna restored. Bliss has returned to my happy head, also known as peace of mind.                                                         


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