The Tao of Todd~

I found a hidden part of myself when our paths crossed. Sometimes our tête-à-tête have resulted in a primrose path and other times a warpath, I use that only to make you smile. Destiny defined as fate, a predetermined future, a concept based on belief there is a fixed natural order to the cosmos. The truth of that is of another time and place. Let’s unravel this. You were aware of our first intersecting path long before I. You, a seventh grade munchkin, the junior high prince. I, an eighth grade misfit, unaware of anything, except a deep inner pain, masked by anger and an intense need to be invisible. Regardless of that, you saw me. It speaks of the person you are. The humanitarian boy wonder even at the tender age of adolescence. As time marches on, as it will always do, you will search for your place in the world and I will find mine. After endless roads, highways and trails we would meet again, not as formidable opponents like so many of the arrangements of life. This is a relationship born in the truest form of kindness and grace. Over the years, I have been given the opportunity to forge friendships and meet people. Usually, for me there was this necessity to be the trombone of the orchestra. upset the fluidity of the strings. It simply is what it is. Finally as all that was removed I found my true nature, the flute. Your sonnet speaks so truthfully, one finds themselves listening free of intent or judgement. A gift of your faith and experience. With life in session we find ourselves in the most unforeseen and unfathomable events. You have lent me your ear in moments of tragedy, happiness, loneliness and joy. You have played endless games of silliness with my grandchild through laughter and disappointment. Even through your greatest despair as she reached out to console you, you found it in your finest moment of our friendship to console her. It is a testimony of your Tao that you have the capacity to make a child feel she is your equal and consider you one of her friends. None of those actions have gone unnoticed or unseen. Your place in my life will forever be inscribed as one of infinite measure. As I am humbled in prayer in the silence what comes to me are these words, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well-pleased.”  


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