The Stone Worker~

At the entryway of Heaven a baby is called, his work is nearly complete on Earth. This gentle soul is Mason his life not only etched out through the body of his earthbound Mother, Lauren. His innovative creator, father, Romy.  He weaved his magic with the beauty of Tayler, the gentleness and grace of his Maternal Grandmother, Kristina. Mason’s story has been told to me through the heart of his Grandfather, Todd. For the spoken word lives on forever in these children of the creator. When Mason was asked who he would choose as his family, he chose these glorious souls, for I believe he knew, they would teach him what he wanted to know most. He wanted to know true love and because of the enormous depth of tenderness bestowed on him, he would be ready to return to his eternal home. First though, Mason the little stone worker would carve a place in the hearts of the family he cherished. His grace and gift to them would be to heal their love and create a thread that will forever connect this family in divinity. While Mason’s days with this family of unwavering love and courage were too few, in our time. In God’s time it was too long to be from his Hallowed Father. Mason has been the breath of life needed to heal old wounds and replace them with connection and communication. It is this writers belief and experience that the journey from the head to the heart is the greatest path of existence. Time and space hold no barrier between the love of Mason and his family. His journey will go forward and live on through every detail and dance of his beloveds. Mason has captivated so many near and far. While I know nothing can take the place of his gentle embrace, I believe a soul so exquisite should remain with the bearers of that splendor. My life will be forever changed by the tone of his Grandfather’s voice when he spoke of his daughter’s courage as she returned her beloved back into the waiting arms of Our Father.  Mason you have carved a place in the hearts of many. Rest now and know while your work is done, ours will continue in the foundation of love you have set in mortar.


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